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2015 STI Build


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Up and running in - and looking good!

Wondering if anyone else has embarked on a build yet, and what you have gone for?




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image 1 - original block. image 2 - closed block completed
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Going for some more power then [emoji23]

Looks like a good start what kind of build you going for ?

Sparky was building one, started on the exterior with lots of tasty carbon, but was involved in a pretty large prang

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Clinic have built a few, one 500+ and was the first new one to go over 500, still the same crappy 2.5's in em as well :(

Although in a classic type R, ive got a closed deck 2.5 build in mine, been speced for about 550bhp :)

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Aye, closed deck it, forged pistons, uprated rods, decent headstuds and the 2.5 is a good engine. Side walls are still a bit weak to run really high power (towards 600) but for a road car 500 is plenty anyway lol

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Sounds good!

Strengthening done -

Closed deck

Mahle 4032 pistons

New EJ257 heat treated crankshaft

ACL race series main and big end bearings

Williams H beam rods

ARP head studs

new 11mm oil pump

Cosworth head gaskets

high capacity EJ20 125 sump

EJ20 oil pick up pipe

RCM sump baffle plate

up-rated Exedy clutch


Hoping this will do the job!

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Again, havnt made up my mind yet, but the engines built for a good 500 +

I ran one some 10 years ago at 400 and that was fun. Been in HSVs since then and just returned to Subaru, so any suggestions welcome!

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I had an sc46 on my forged 2.5 hawk and would be my personal choice, prob come in around 460-480 but mega punchy which would be better to drive than a 500bhp car on the road.




was on low boost

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