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Idle problem


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I done something really stupid the other day and took off my tps and icv off just so I can tart the engine up a bit but stupid me wasn't thinking and when I put it all back together I can't get the car to idle properly it's either too high or too low then it stalls but when I can get it right as soon as I Rev it or turn it off then on the idle is all messed up again so what do I do and can anyone who is local help me do it thanks 

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Opps I know it's a bit late now but you should mark the position of both the tps and icv before removal.

I guess you can't see marks where the bolts used to be ?

Did you undo the 2 little screws on top of the icv ?

Did you refit the gauze / vacumm pressure disc behind the icv and refit it with a new gasket ?

As a vacuum leak from the inlet could cause the same symptoms.

The tps position will alter fuelling so don't drive on boost until you're sure the position is back to normal.

I'm in Suffolk and unfortunately unsure of anyone else in your area but if you didn't undo the top 2 little screws on the icv, it's probably a leak rather than position causing the idle fluctuations.

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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Unfortunately I did undo the 2 screws on top but you could see where the screws where but no matter what I do I can't get it to idle properly now I thought it was I leak but I can't find one anywhere so I haven't got a clue so it looks like it has to go into a garage if no one in the area who can help but thanks for all that 

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