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Blobeye Rear Diffuser


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Has anyone tried to modify a rear diffuser intended for a saloon to fit a wagon? I only ask because there don't seem to be any out there for wagons.

The same goes for rear bumper lips.

I'm looking at the items from http://htautos.co.uk/product-category/03-05-blobeye/

Thanks for reading.

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Htautos pretty good worth having a word with them they might do you a custom one off as it might get interest of other owners. might not be much difference though on the underneath of the bumper for fitting. might be worth a measure up. 

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I did e-mail them, their short reply was "Sorry, never tried" :rolleyes:

Think we're only gonna find out if someone bites the bullet and tries it.

I need to get a standard rear bumper bar first as mine has a towbar bracket at the moment.

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