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Servicing in/around Hastings


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I've just bought my first Subaru at the 11th hour (I'm in my 70s) - a well cared for 2005 Outback 2.5 auto with 80k - after running German cars for the past 20-odd years. I use a pretty good, reasonably priced German car engineering company, but I've always tried to use someone with specialist experience of a marque's habits and foibles. Other than the local franchise (Now retired I'm even less inclined to pay their labour prices than when I worked) I can't find anyone local who owns up to understanding Subarus.

Can anyone recommend a mechanic near Hastings on the south coast? I'm looking forward to getting to know my Outback; I've had flat twin 2CVs and BMW bikes, and donkeys' years ago a slightly tatty Porsche 365 Twhich didn't even cost a leg, but I've long hankered for a Subaru and the sound of that engine. Now I've finally got hold of one I'd like to look after it properly.



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