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New Subaru owner


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Hi guys and girls 

Got my first Subaru 2months ago and I'm loving it, although he needs some work doing on him as very rough on the edges still a great car in my eyes.


Its only a 2.0 GX but previous owner started to go down the Sti rep route which I intend to follow although to my taste.

After 2days owning the car rear brake discs had to be replaced due to previous owner spraying over them when spraying alloys on the car, all 4 tyres had to be replace due to uneven tread and punctures, also needing a new centre section and ba box bug amongst other things the cars quite tidy.

looking at refurbing the alloys next and replacing diff oil and gearbox oil and then upgrading the clutch and flywheel due to bearing slowly disappearing.

Any advice or engine problems I need to keep an eye on please let me know more than welcome advice and tips or places to get parts 




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Thanks for the welcome guys :) 

yea trying to keep a handle on things as they pop up and get added to the 'to do list'

shes got 144k no service history unfortunately which is a shame

thanks Stuartie can't wait to get the paint corrected and polished and given a good once over to loose all the light scratches but i love the colour too  

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