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Induction kit and dump valve

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With Induction kit's it's said not to use oiled but mines oiled and I've not had a problem in 9 years but it is a K&N apollo so maybe the better quality ones are better to use say over a cheaper pipercross equivalent, the Oem is induction is good though so unless you want some more noise it isn't needed. I think the HKS dump valves are the best ones if you wanting the vent to atmosphere on the market but not cheap and have to be careful of fakes we have a guide on here about how to spot one  

I did have a bailey dump valve on mine though which was cheaper and sounded good.I've gone back to oem dump valve now. But depends what you want can get forged ones that allow you to alter how it works. 


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I have a baileys on mine, and it sounds alright I guess, will be moving back to the hks ssqv, had a rep one ages ago on my gt4 stripped it down along side a genuine one and they are identical inside(same manufacturer of diaphragm and every thing )

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i had a GFB responce on 05 blob wrx and i have 1 on my 08 wrx hatch now,as @Sandals said can set it up full recerc or full atmo or anywere inbetween how you like it,i did take mine off my blob as i had it on full recerc and did not see point in it so just put a oem sti 1 on,if your looking to have it vent to atmo any then give them a look.

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