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Lightweight Flywheel

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I need some opinions from you guys about changing the flywheel. 

I am planning to put a new clutch in my car. Along with the clutch I want to switch to a lightweight flywheel. I have heard that with the lightweight flywheel the engine revs quicker and feels like the engine has more horsepower.

my question is that my car has already been mapped and if I switch to a lightweight flywheel will the car need to be mapped again? Or will the map on the car right now be ok??

Thank you 


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My cars got a 6 paddle clutch and lightened flywheel and if i cud go back id have a normal clutch as you look like a bellend revving it to set off in stop start traffic once youe moving its fine tho through the gears ect


This probably doesnt help you queery one bit but u felt i needed to share incase thats the route your taking. 


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The map will be fine as it takes the relation between engine revs, throttle position and fuelling etc at a given point into consideration - yes the inertial weight has been lowered so it take less power to make the rotary movement and as such will spin slightly easier but fuelling will be appropriate as the speed increases / decreases

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