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Hello fella; just down the road from me [emoji106]

I'm going to take mine to gilesgate in Hexham. Heard good things about them.

There are a few independents around our way. Think there is one in ouston too. All personal preference really

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27 minutes ago, IANWRX said:

Thanks for that mate! I've heard about AS performace at Birtley they sound ok.

Whats the garage at Ouston called ?

bah, can't remember now or find it online.....it'll come back to me

ramp and pit @mattiekane you jammy sod

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Did my own, don't trust the garages not had great experiences and reading previous service history from a Subaru garage I'm not going to them either. Only thing I have read to be a real ballache is the spark plugs but it has to be doable 

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I've watched a few video's on youtube and it doesn't seem that bad. There's just a few things you've got to remove for access.


I've always serviced my other cars so it looks like i'm going to have to do it again.

If you do it yourself you know the parts you paid for go on your car!!!!!





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