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New engine build

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Not built a top spec engine in ages and I'm thinking of treating myself 

so I have a question...

I have an sti v8 already so can use bits from that and what ever it will be either 2 or a 2.5 it will be fully forged so here goes..

which is recommended as the better way, looking for future proof and reliability with either a 2.1L closed deck block using my v8 sti heads, or 2.5L semi closed deck (sti) using my v8 sti heads, or full 2.5lL semi closed deck and heads?


v9 STI  - B25C-702 engine for the 2.5L ok?


Would love a 2.3L but thats to much just for the bare bones




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Is the existing block semi closed or open deck? If so 2.1 will be a cheaper option

Its really down to what you want to do and budget, the heads will mate to either option, personal choice would be closed deck converted 2.5. whats in my type R now :D

Built right a closed deck 2.5 will do 500 and still be reliable.  

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Changing heads could be an issue and all 2.5 sti blocks are semi closed anyway I think you mean the closed deck insert . The most reliable would be put the 2.5 crank in the v8 2ltr make a 2.1 and closed deck insert be bullet proof and still Rev to 8

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