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Best retro game


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I randomly bought a ps2 last week (usually an xbox one user) to replay gta 3 as half my senior school time was spent skiving on that anyway ive now finished it and have moved  onto librety city storys and it got me thinking if you could pic 3 retro games from any console or pc from any time what would u pick?

My choice would be 

1.Gta 3

2.Gran tourismo 3 A spec

3.Tomb Raider 3

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hmm not sure my number 1 is a retro game as its is still going with updates now, but it started back in 1999 so it is old! I still play now after 13 years of playing! ( on it now haha)


1. Everquest on the PC

2. GTA Vice city on the PS2 iirc

3. Was a toss up between Gran turismo 2 or 3 for the PST or mario on the Snes!

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Haha to be honest mate no matter how good games are now back in the day they sempt to entertain me for days longer.i can remember when i had toca touring cars on ps1 and i swear me and my mate used to see who could smash eachothers car up best every time we played on it and the reply value was there for months

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Red Faction was awesome, being able to dig through whole sections of the game with rocket launchers! 
TOCA was amazing. Used to unlock the tank, put low gravity mode on, 99 laps and try to blow up every opponent so that they were stuck on their roofs :P
They REALLY need to make a new Timesplitters! OH, and Dino Crisis!

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Haha I remember Dino Crisis 

Cannon fodder was a classic too I likes wings on the amiga too.


Dizzy rocked if anyone remember that too.  


Monkey island Amiga another game I'd play to death with Terminator 2 and zool and hook the game from the movie also running man. I've just been a gamer my whole life lol 

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1 hour ago, ChrisValentine said:

Micro Machines.
Die Hard Trilogy. I remember running people over from inside the car, blood covering the windscreen and eating chicken noodles... I have NO idea why that's stuck in my head. It's how many years ago now!

Micro machines was epic spent many hours smashing that in I was pretty good at it too. 


43 minutes ago, MJP02 said:

For me it was Smash TV in the arcade and Speedball 2 on mega drive, then elite original on commadore 128

Speedball I played on the amiga also great games. So many games I used to play and have forgotten :( 

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The old Jurassic Park on one of the SEGA was damn hard, top down game.
Jurassic Park on PS1. When you could be the T-Rex and swallow people! Or be the raptor and jump at them :P

I remember getting a PS1, Porsche Challenge, Jurassic Park AND a TV for my bedroom to play it all on, one Christmas. I genuinely cried.

The old NFS where you had to pay for damage to your car and the environment after each race!

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