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Okay couple of things, we have fitted a Ninja 2 back box and want to do next section of exhaust, which is the best one to go for and where from

dump valve is there an advantage performance wise, if so which is a good one and again where from

Are there any shows on anywhere coming up


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Go for the mid section next, just a straight bolt up part and saves the hassle of mapping any cel lights that may arise (assuming yours is new age ) ?

As for the dv not really much advantage, most fit purely for noise, again be careful what you buy, some make the car run a bit lumpy and if your looking at hks or similar there are a lot of fakes around,

As for shows the last big one of the year is at santa pod on the 3rd of Oct,

If you want to join the club stand you'll need to book your ticket today before 10,

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Depending on how much noise you want you have two options for the centre pipe:

Non-resonated - Louder, has the potential to drone

Resonated (albeit smaller than standard one) - a bit louder than standard but more civilised

dump valve - Only really if you want the noise!

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