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rotherham / doncaster


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Do we have anyone around my way that knows abit about these cars?? and would be willing to have a quick look at mine.


I have just had the header fixed, but when driving I have noticed that there is a small noise when my foot is on the accelerator. almost like a sucking noise.


It might be nothing and 1-2 jubilee clips were loose on the intake and I have just nipped them up.


My worry is it could be detonation, and I dont want to be driving it causing any problems! The noise is happening even at 1krpm, does this rule det out?


Another thing I have noticed is when taking ,my foot completely off of the accelerate there is a small knock on the back end. All in all I know flip all about these cars and if anyone is near, local or even passing and can call in, then give me a shout cheers!


I am going to ring richard henry now to get it booked in for the full service asap.



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Martin at Sheffield subaru service is behind the arena,

The sucking noise could a boost/vac leak and the clunking at the rear could be the rear struts, they are known to do this or maybe be arb related

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Knock sensor (detonation) should pick it up, search for engine pinging and you might find a vid with the noise, never heard it but I think it's a tapping noise.

After fixing an exhaust leak before o2 sensor, might be best to reset ecu to relearn but if you've booked it in might aswell leave it for them to look at as resetting would delete ecu codes

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