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Hi guys.


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Hi guys. I'm nick from withernsea near hull. I've just bought a 2.0gx non turbo (awaits the hate 😉) With my dad as a little toy/track car. We're not too bothered about it being a non turbo and just want to use it for a bit of fun. 

It does need a few bits and bobs so you'll most likely see my name pop up on various threads. 


So, yea, hi :)

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Wotcha and welcome - I have an N/A hatch and teh ride is geared towards comfort - dont know how the GX compares but uprated ARB's and suspension may be in order.

Either way keep us posted

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Hello from another NA owner, you've brought us all out of hiding!

What year is it? My friends NA has drum brakes on the rear with no ARB but read if you got the bits from a car with disc brakes, as a bonus it comes with mountings for a rear ARB. Would be better for the track :)

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Edit- oops that tip was for a gc8, don't know if that applies to yours! :$

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Cheers for the replies guys. Currently got no mot but it needs the 'C' section subframe. My dads looked at it and it's completely rotten. That's really the only thing it failed on. 


Anyone know of a Impreza breaking in the hull area?! 


Much appreciated guys :)

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