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How to adjust the TPS on Subaru?????????????


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Hi all,


I recently replaced my TPS (which is Hitachi, but manufactured by Nissan...) and I'm not sure how to adjust it properly, I put the bolts to the same position as they were on the old one but the car started to accelerate much worse...

Also in regards to the throttle valve can that be adjusted as well???





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11 minutes ago, savage bulldogs said:

If the icv is in the factory position on a standard car I'd leave it as is .

I think There is a way to calibrate a new tps with a voltmeter but I'd have to check through my pdf service manual to find out .

It might be worth a google if nobody else knows .

Well I found that it has to be 0.5 volt with the throttle closed, however I'm not sure which pins shall I connect to - I have 3 pins and some states that it's left and middle some state that 1 st and 3rd...

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ok will do for sure! I've done a massive research on it, ideally the direct access to ECU is needed in order to measure the voltage (this checking for damaged cables as well). But the easy way is to tap directly to the wiring near the TPS connector. The middle pin must be the ground. We'll see on the weekend though -)

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Done it this weekend. On my own! Not that hard to do but quite complicated to get to it, you need 0.5Volt from the middle pin (+) and the 2nd probe goes to the Negative Car terminal.

I can write a manual with pics if needed. As soon as I started the engine I could hear the difference, it looks like it does affect a lot of things in the car. I actually put 0.53 volts, but it jumps quite a lot + when you tighten the screws it moves as well, so takes time to figure out but anything up to 0.55V is good and I would rather put it a bit more as this gives me a better throttle response.

The whole driving experience is different now, also I've done just a few miles, so can't comment much, but you can see the difference straight away.

The bad news though that it hasn't sorted my Gearbox error and it looks like it's not related to any of the sensors under the engine bay, the only sensor I haven't replaced is the map sensor I do have a spare used one though, so can try that one at some point.

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