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Hey everyone,

I'm looking to replace the oil and Filter on the Diesel XV, Just wanted to double check a few things:

Oil - 5.9 litres Petronas Fully Synthetic 0W30 (For Diesel Engines)

Oil - 4.8 litres Petronas Fully Synthetic 0W20 (For Petrol Engines)

Oil Filter - 15208AA110 (For Diesel Engine)

Oil Filter - 15208AA160 - This was the Wrong filter for my Diesel (Might be the right one for the petrol?

Sump Plug Washer - 807020070 (10 for £8.80 on Ebay)

Sump/Drain Plug - 807020010

Does that list look ok? or am I missing anything/have the wrong part numbers?


If anyone wants to make a list for the Petrol we could use it as a quick lookup for anyone wanting to do an oil change.

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35 minutes ago, stants said:

17quid seems a bit steep for an oil filter !

Is the sump plug metal or plastic ? I wouldn't see the need to change it if it's metal just clean up and re use

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Yes £17 does seem a bit expensive, its a genuine subaru part though which could be the difference although ECPs only option was a MANN filter for £16.49

As far as I know the Sump Plug is metal and the same as every other Subaru, so agreed, no need to change it, but for the sake of covering everything someone might need I included it.

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Just noticed that the Oil i've stated above is wrong, it should actually be 0W30. I will edit if I can.

also just changed the oil filter as tha was wrong also.

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