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rear speaker question

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You can swap out the front speakers to upgraded versions the same size and you wont need an adapter.  The same can be said for rear speakers in the rear door or other locations.

If you upgrade the speakers and go up a size from say 5.25 to 6.5 then you will need an adapter.

The trouble starts when your rear speakers are not in doors. Say in a wagon. My estate has its rear speakers on top of my rear strut towers, I have replaced them with lower mid range vibe speakers the same size as standard and am not happy. I would like to put something like 6.5 the same as my fronts or even go 6x9 but its not going to be easy modifying the brackets the speakers sit in.

If your rear speakers are in your doors, then happy days! eBay or shop bought adaptor and away you go :smile:

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Generally you will need an adapter or bracket for the front as aftermarket speakers tend to have bigger magnets so are deeper than stock speakers, so the bracket is necessary to stop the speakers hitting the inside of the door.

Rear door speakers are just a straight swap as far as i'm aware

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