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Remus Exhaust for Impreza Diesel


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I asked back along for some opinions on an Impreza Diesel as some of you are aware I went ahead and took the plunge, it was a very difficult task to get hold of the car because the first time I bought it the company went under, I then found it at auction and won it but the day of delivery the truck it was on broke down but I eventually got it!

I must say I absolutely love it to own a Subaru again is just awesome and to have economy to go with it is even better I honestly think I may keep this car until it dies!

Anyway I saw a few videos of the Remus exhaust on the diesel and it sounded pretty sweet, I know it will never sound like a WRX but to have some sort of grumble would be nice, does anyone know where i can get this exhaust from? if you have a link that would be great I have done a few searches but not had much luck.


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Damn!! just had this back from Remus:


Thank you for you for your enquiry, unfortunately we no longer offer this system as it’s been discontinued.


Does anyone know of anywhere that may still stock it or have any alternative suggestions?

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yup the link I posted was purely for the contact - I would also contact cobra as they can do bespoke stuff so will get you something exactly to your requirements + guarantees + stainless steel product.

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