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Welsh Chris

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Hello Everyone

I'm new to the forum and to Subaru's, having been a land rover man for a long time but I always fancied one and needed a big car so have bought a 2000 outback.

Hope its not too rude to throw a question in straight away.

I paid very little for the outback as the gearbox needs work (manual), I was going to strip it but got offered a low mileage replacement, only trouble is I'm unsure on the code.

my box is J5-TY754XFACB the box I've been offered is HV-TY754VRAAB.

I've scoured the internet and looked at pages of codes and cant find a TY754XF or TY754VR listed anywhere.

could anyone shed some light on if they are compatible.

Thanks everyone, sorry to ramble on.


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Going from what people wrote on eBay on the compatibility side, the box being offered which matches most of the code is for a 2.0 Impreza, the box I found that matches most of your code says compatible with a 2.5 legacy.

Don't know if that's any help or not but such a pain to search for! (Especially when I entered in the wrong code 70% of the time!)

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52 minutes ago, Mark D said:

Tried to do a search for you


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Haha :laugh: Best hope the missus doesn't check your history 

If you give Martin a ring at Sheffield Subaru services he might be able to help he helped me with a gear box and got me a stronger one that worked great. 


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Hi all and thanks for the welcome.

mark D... Thanks for your efforts, especially the first one (made me wonder if I had signed up to the wrong forum for a moment). Subaru gearbox's are somewhat confusing with the amount of code variations. I'm LED to believe, perhaps incorrectly, that the gearbox on the 2ltr impreza is geared differently and would require a rear dif change.

The only problem I have is it wont stay in 5th which I know is most likely just the main shaft nut but as its been driven held in gear I cant rule out other damage. Anyone have experience of this?



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