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i dont think anyone will ever buy an impreza for mpg apart from the diesel maybe, even in a NA 2.0 the petrol makes my wallet cry, but for me it was the AWD and i always wanted a subaru even if it is a baby for now, could have gone for something else with the same power and alot cheaper fuel easily but i imagine we all have our reasons for getting one.  but it feels solid, so far completely reliable and the engine grumbles along nicely no matter what i do to it. never once lost any grip either. wouldnt even consider changing.

out of the 2 options i would go wrx without hesitation. hopefully i will be moving onto a wrx or sti in the future, soon as possible.  never seen someone look unhappy driving one. just my opinion :)

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I have the 08 wrx hatchback so the 2.5 engine. Mpg is an issue for me as a do mileage for work. I get at best 27 mpg after a few little mods.

I do love the car for everything other than distance. I keep thinking about a second car for distance. But when I think about it I enjoy the Impreza to much after all life is to short to drive boring cars.

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Haha, yeah, since I bought mine, I am 100% sure I bought it not for MPG as it drinks like a fish and does not like being driven softly, so I have no other options than to just enjoy it :D I just wish there was an option to switch off MPG gauge on the dash.

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On 10/30/2016 at 7:57 PM, Simpo said:

What sort of miliage are you getting to a tank out of your impreza 

As I mainly drive in London and sit in traffic, my MPG readings would not reflect real world usage. And when I'm out of traffic I just drive it like I stole it.

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