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converting an none turbo


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Hi all i wanna know how easy/hard is to do a coversion from non turbo to turbo i have a 2001 bugeye 2ltr gx non turbo wagon an i wanna convert it to turbo i know the cons an pros to it, it wont be rejistered as a non turbo id be informing dvla the change..


ps please can you go easy on this topic an not say buy a real subaru as all subarus are subarus :)

my bugeye.jpg

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I own a non turbo myself and it isn't an easy thing to do by any stretch of the imagination.

It would physically be cheaper to buy a turbo Subaru!

If you're hell bent on doing the conversion though it will require changing everything from pistons and cams all the way back to new gear box and differential oh and a new ecu to run it all.

It's a question that gets asked a lot and it can be done, it's just absurdly expensive to do it unfortunately

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Wotcha and welcome - as above there are quite a few differences which also run to chassis strength as well - brakes, suspension, anti roll bars, I think you are missing a rear one on the GX which is in place on the turbos, stand to be corrected on that one but there may well be a diameter difference if it is in place.

Buying a pranged donor car and effectively re-shelling it would be one way to go - that way you can see the specific differences between the turbo and non turbo motors.

I had a hatch STI and am now driving a hatch RX - they are poles apart in performance and handling with the latter being very soft across the board.

Any chance you could get a drive in a wrx or STI to see for yourself?

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Matt has raised an interesting point - not thought of that. If you did buy a turbo that needs work there is so much you can do to keep you occupied and put your own mark on it and you could still recover some of the cost (you will never recover all of it)


something like this??


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can get a wrx cheap and work on that make it nice for a lot less then converting a none turbo,i have had 3 none turbos and kept telling my self its cheaper then a turbo but it not,costs me less to run the turbo then it did a none turbo,i also thought about turboing my last none turbo,but the time cost and everything just does not make it worth it,buy a turbo car you will soon find plenty to keep you using the spanners on it :biggrin:

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