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Ecu Swapping


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Hi Guys

Im hungry for more power and have read about ecu swaps from other Wrx models as well as daughter boards from esl.

what I'd like to know is which Subaru ecu's are compatible with my 97 UK Impreza turbo and how I'd go about fitting a daughter board if other ecus aren't an option.

thanks in advance guys


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Best to go after market ecu with proper map for your car mate esl boards are ok or ecutec but alcatek and such like ecu's give better results with more features like anti lag since I went with alcatek I haven't looked back got my mate to get same ecu he already had ecutec map on his car but managed to get an extra 50bhp just by changing ecu

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With a 97 wrx you can get the sports pack option with ESL which gives antilag + LC. Getting the extra chip installed costs about £30 for ESL to mod your existing ECU by soldering on the additional board so you either send your own or source a second standard ECU and send them that keeping your own on the road whilst you await the turnaround.

I dont know of ECU's from other Subarus that would fit as a straight plug and play - as I understand it the 00/96 differs to 97/98 and they differ to 99/00 - all differ to newage

But the one point I would make is going aftermarket gives you flexibility so factor in some time with someone who can setup the ECU specifically for your car, either on the road or book a dyno session.

Whilst at the ESL course the concept of the ECU 'learning' and adjusting based on wideband inputs like on newer ECU's was discussed but it is not a function currently in place so plugging in someone elses which has been set to their car means it would potentially need adjusting to suit your motor

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Hi all, thanks for your input, I have found esl online for 295 plus £30 fitting and I can add the motorsport pack which has 2 step, anti lag, traction control and other  bits for an extra £100 which I didn't think was bad, I think this is the route I'm going to take, they are based in middlesex so i would have to take an hour or 2 drive, maybe my best bet is to install all my supporting mods and trailer it to them so I don't do any damage with extra bits on the car, thanks again guys

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