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Waiting for my 2011 forester xs


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Hi Forester owners

Part exchanged my Seat for 2011 forester XSD sat nav plus with 26000 miles on clock, at this moment I am waiting for a phone call to say that it is ready to pick up after MOT,SERVICE and items i have asked to be fixed before i pay £13995, yes probably the MOST EXPENSIVE forester for year in the UK !

Faults i have requested to be fixed are ;

Misfire/power loss when accellerating. 

Dent on bonnent

tow bar rust/corrosion

Clutch bite point on boards (this is a worry but i have tried other foresters and they are the same) Their techs will check this and let me know if its ok.

I am in the secound week now and no phone call, they are specialists with subaru so its a bit worrying that they have not fixed the faults.

I will let you know if Farmers of Matlock can supply me with a perfect car to justify the top price.





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I'll be interested in the verdict ...

being a diesel be fussy as that era is a PITA on Injectors and ecu firmware itself..

Clutch is indeed junk too, new one and dmf along with precise adjustments to pedal stops is only way get them in good range of bite.
I done a couple clutches on these now and they come out in a mess even at under 35K which shocking, Dealers like blaming driver clutch technique but the issue is clutch used not good enough for the torque output, you won't get a Subaru tech admit that though as could end in an expensive recall .

Surprised with their reputation they had that on sale without doing obvious glitches first and more so when priced that high.
Be sure it perfect and push them hard and quick for faults while on warranty as bills can get silly and hard cure on diesel running issues .


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Update on missfire/power loss turned out to be sticking  turbo wastegate. Garage assured me there is no fault with clutch, they had a forester with a new clutch fitted that felt just the same i.e. bite point very low. Other items sorted. Time now to enjoy the forester through the winter.

Merry xmas all.



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