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XV insurance


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Need to find a supplier for insurance on both our XVs due up in next couple of weeks. Got a decent price for mine but my wife's is coming back at silly money despite our details being exactly the same apart from her being a female. 

Looking for sensible quotes for both, any suggestions?

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Admiral multi car are the ones I'm having problems with. My wife has exactly same car as me, no accidents, full no claims, same annual mileage, my car is the newer more expensive to replace and I need business use and she doesn't. The only difference is she's a women after that. I have asked for an explanation but they're claiming its to do with the credit check which is rediculous because we were looking at a one off payment so why the credit check?

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Could try the brokers that most of us use if the major companies are silly prices,

Keith micheals (garry moulson is chap you need to ask for)

Mark Richards

Sky and there's always Adrian flux if you aren't getting good prices

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Well I've had a response from Admiral about why my wife's car insurance and it's basically because they judge you not on how safe a driver you are but the demographic you fall in. So regardless of whether you've had any accidents they look at your age and your occupation, credit rating etc and if you fall in a group that statistics say have more accidents then it's unlucky you, up goes your insurance. They also add a significant weighting for the fact that you've had a non-fault accident, so when your driving along minding your own business and that  Pratt drives into the back of your car and his insurance pays up, if you're with Admiral up will go your insurance

Ive told them to clear off, even though they ate the cheapest I'm not going to use them if this is how they go business. Quote me happy we're slightly dearerbut both me and our wife's insurance came within a couple of quid of each other which seems fair. 

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15 minutes ago, DAN@ADRIAN FLUX said:


Please feel free to give us a try for insurance if you like. If you wanted to PM me some contact details I'd be happy to arrange for one of my quotes team to give you a call back.



Thanks Dan, emailed you

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