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plastidip interior trim


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Hi all,

anyone had a go at Plastidip on the interior trim? the youtube video makes it looks a pretty simple task...thought I might try gunmetal grey, the silver in mine is pretty scratched so would like to improve it.  Any photos or advice would be appreciated...prep work/sanding? drying times in Scotland in winter, etc!


also would really love to change the wee orange plastic bit on the HVAC controls to red! Does this part exist? anyone ever changed theirs, or tried to paint red? photo shows the ones I mean...

IMG_6698 (Large).JPG

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This was asked in another post not long ago, I did mine nearly a year ago and looks as good as when I first did it. also did the door bits where the window buttons are, the vents and my outside mirror covers. I use normal dash polish on it and had no problems, the outside is washed just as I do the rest of the car so its pretty hard wearing. it does attract a bit more dust than before but nothing major.

Prep work, just clean it no sanding needed and I just left it to dry where I sprayed it, I can't remember drying times but it was just as it says on the can, think I did 3 or 4 coats. 


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Had a go this weekend with the plasti-dip stuff (I used Full Dip from Matt-pack), did the wee air vents as a starting point to see how it easy it was, and how it looked.

Pretty happy with the results anyway, they were a bit scratched and faded before. 

Will see how long the stuff lasts!  Will do the full centre console next weekend hopefully.

20170129_141513 (Large).jpg

20170130_100109 (Large).jpg

20170130_100238 (Large).jpg

20170130_100252 (Large).jpg

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So I did the centre console at the weekend. Pretty pleased with the colour. I put too much on the bit by the gear stick so maybe peel it off and try again sometime, but a cheap and easy face-lift for the interior I think.


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