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Tyre size on 2000 outback

Welsh Chris

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Hello all.

I hope nobody minds a question that I'm sure has probably been asked before but I haven't as yet found a definitive answer.

I need to replace the tyres on my 2000 outback and as i use it for mild off road (nothing too serious, grassy slopes/fields when checking my bee hives) I want to fit some all terrain tyres.

There is not much choice in standard 215/60r16 so I would like to go to 215/65r16 which I know is a fairly common swap however I cannot find a definitive answer of whether or not I need to lift the suspension.

I'm not against a suspension lift but I am pressed for time to do it at the moment but my current tyres are getting quite low so really need changing now.

Thanks in advance.

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Going up from 215/60 to 215/65 will increase your wheel diameter by 10.75mm. Check your clearance all round the arches and struts. If you have over 11mm of static distance you should be fine. I'm not sure how much travel your suspension will have so you may have to double check if it will catch the arch.

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hi guys.

thanks for the replies.

the tyre sizes listed on the door state the 215/60r16 as the largest size so I would need to exceed that.

I did the maths on the size and your right its not a large difference, running hands around the wheel on each lock would certainly tell me if there is enough clearance but its difficult to check as the suspension compresses which is why I wondered if anyone else has experienced this before.

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