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Traction Control won't turn off - 2008 STI


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Hi all,

Had this issue since I got the car but I've done some more investigating since..

Traction control WILL NOT turn off, I have followed the sequence as in the manual in every drive mode.

I have had the button off and checked continuity and the button is switching.

The traction light comes on with ignition so not a bulb failure.

Traction control light will come on (flash) when traction is lost.


Any ideas or similar experience??


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Try just disconecting the Battery for 15 mins or so then reconnect this will flash the ecu , u may of had an abs sensor fault and it's just spakked out , also it could be the button you say it has continuity but it may be a normally closed switch so may break continuity to make tc go off , I'm not sure but could be a possibility

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