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defi racer 80.mm taco


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hi there trying to find out some infomation' about the blue wire which is the speed wire there are 5 wires on the defi racer taco 80.mm ive manage to slice in 4 of the wires ijust wondered is it best to put the blue wire into the ecu or just splice into the exsisting taco speed wire on the dash if so does anybody know which colour i can splice into i would be most appreciated for any info

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Not that sparks is my forte but I spliced my avcr "speed pick up " wire from a ecu pinout diagram that was included in the fitting manual .

What year/ model and country is your scoob?

If it's covered in the avcr multi fitting diagrams, I'll let you know the ecu speed sensor pin but I've only got early classic wiring diagrams on the p.c .

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Got the p.m but can't add pics on those [emoji6]

If your's is definitely a v1 jdm I'd imagine that it would be the same as my v1 sti's loom . I just happen to have a pic on my phone of the speed sensor output pin that I used for the avcr 02b779612be41fc3f31c7164660049de.jpg

I had a fault with the speed sensor output on both the apexi avcr and the f.c ecu . So I did have a good route around the speed sensor output wiring diagram and the correct ecu pinout coloured wire (in my 1st pic) doesn't appear at the back of the clocks on the dash harness.

So you'll have to connect near the ecu or trace that wire back from that pin .

Let me know if you have the same colour wires in the same order on your loom plug and if you can find the correct pin from my crappy pics .

Here's another random pic of the loom plug too see if it's the same .19dfcd4b33cdffe60f66160c0e7b21d4.jpg

If not I'll dig the manual out tomorrow [emoji6]

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This is the guide I used to fit my apexi avcr .

First pic is to tell you what pinout drawing is for your model .


The previous avcr owner had wrote his v4 loom colours on the diagram but if your's is a v1 /v2 phase 1 it will use the diagram under his writing number F2b


Let me know how you get on, fella .

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