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Pioneer Touch Screen the one to get?


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So came into a bit of money lately and wanting to get a on car entertainment/GPS system. Am i right in thinking that you just make sure its the right size and their you go?

Would the latest pioneer screens work well in a classic? or what is everyone else using?

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I had AVH-H5700DAB. Cost me £350 and it was utter rubbish. DAB reception was bad (but it may be my car's fault even tho I tried 2 different aerials) In over one year I had it they released 4 apps for it... Seriously... It was all show and no go lol, just couldn't do anything with it. It did have DVD but screen resolution was really bad. Sold it about 2 weeks ago. I just bought myself an Android unit and so far I really like it.


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2 big downsides of this unit are, it is chinese, although they have UK distributor and warranty, and the biggest problem was I had to trim my Stereo surround to fit it, but again, my problem could have been mostly due to incorrect Stereo fixing plates. I fitted hawk console but didn't get plates with it so had to modify my old ones :(


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