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Hi all.. new to the forum as recently purchased my first scoobie.. I got a 2006 legacy 2.0r .. my gear box has a grainching to it so looking to swap it out.. now the gearbox code on my arch is TY757XTCAB and I have found one with TY757XVCAB now I have looked everywhere on every possible chart to see if they compatible or what not but nothing so hoping you guys could help me? Thanks in advance :-) 

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Hopefully one of the legacy or sport boys will know about the n/a legacy boxes .

Throughout the impreza turbo range ,well from 92 to to about 07 , all manual 5 speed boxes are compatible with any rear diff of the same ratio .

Even the later sti 6 speed box will work with any 5 speed diff of the same ratio as the 6 speed box .

So I'd imagine, if the ratio is the same that, they would be compatible but I don't know for sure and don't want you to buy it without someone else confirming it . As I've never seen either of those codes before ,or a legacy gearbox for that matter .

Best of luck getting it sorted

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