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for now it's goodbye.....


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Well the time has come for me to say goodbye to my Subaru

end of it's term and due to circumstances I can't afford to get a new one at this point in time so have had to change to something different but I will deffo be back......

My personal view on the car is that it has been excellent and never missed a beat. it has gone everywhere I wanted it to go and done all I have asked.

would I recommend the xv? your darn right I would even with the old niggle ( gear box lol ) the car has been faultless and often returned over 50+mpg

well I have a few goodies to sell on from my car if anyone is interested?

will list properly over the next few day but if anyone is interested let me know..

weathertech mats full set mint

little rubber mats to protect interior pockets and trays

4 x gen XV alloys with centre caps fitted with Nokia weatherproof tyres ( 6mm tread left )

thanks to all here on forum for help and support and been around for a chat......... :-) I will still be around



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Take care Dug, and I hope you get another Scooby soon, have you considered a fixer upper?

My first two where rescued from certain scrappiedom for peanuts and with a fair bit of loving they never let me down. 

I would go a pony for your bucket/Matt's they're awesome, I just can't bring myself to spend more on something to collect muck lol. 

Do keep popping by 🍻


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