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Loss of power

David Wilkinson

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Hi guys, my wife was driving the scooby today and said as she changed to 5th gear at 60mph and put the throttle down the engine cut out. After letting it cool down it started first time and I've just driven it and it seems fine. I've checked the fuel lines and there doesn't seem to be any leaks, could it be the fuel pump on the way out?Any ideas what it might be?  :huh:


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Any flashing lights when it cut out?

Did it not want to fire at all when going from 60 to a stop while still in gear with key in same position or did she put the clutch in or stick it into neutral?

Before you do anything which would involve disconnecting the Battery, check for any stored codes.

Engine light turning off normally after a couple seconds of ignition on doesn't mean there are no codes stored!

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It sounds electrical to me, not mechanical. If she just completely cut out and rolled to a stop with no spluttering or any attempt to fire I'd say it's an ignition fault.  

Id see what an auto electricion has to say before changing parts. It might be as simple as a bad earth wire.  

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Hi mate i dunno if this will help or not but years ago i had a classic non turbo and it did the same on afew occasions 


To cut a long story short the negative connecton on the battry had somehow gone baggy on the terminal so i fixed it by shoving a screw in the gap lol obv thats the professional way lol regardless of method tho its never happend again



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