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Hole in pipe

danny wright

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The small bore pipe connected to the turbo outlet is a vacuum line and pending on year /model will either go directly to the boost control solinoid or 't' into the actuator vac line.

Although any bit of "vac line " of the same internal dia will be fine to replace it with, it shouldn't have oil in it .

In your pic the big red aftermarket pipe connected to turbo outlet doesn't look pushed on far enough . A air leak from the turbo outlet pipework would cause a lack of boost and bad idle .

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There's about 4 or 5 different types of top mount intercooler y pipes and unfortunately I've only seen the 92 to 98 ones .

You'd probably be better off looking at a y pipe kit for you version / year and either buy the kit or seeing if you can work it out from what's included in the kit pictures

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