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looking to buy my first subaru impreza


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I'm looking to buy my first Subaru Impreza, preferably a first generation turbo 2000, wrx or wrx sti.

as stated above I have never owned a subaru before but have driven other cars with similar performance.

just looking for things to be aware of, the pluses and minuses and a general overall of what experience other people have had.




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Hi and welcome along, things to look out for are rear arches and strut top mounts as these tend to corrode with all the salt they chuck down on our roads and all the crap of the day gets trapped along the little lip on the rear arches and don't get cleaned out also a good service history and receipts to prove any work claimed to have been done as alot of people will tell you anything just to get you to buy. I've had my v1 wrx for about a year now and still absolutely love it, although i need to still do a few things to it to get it tip-top but i bought it that way because i do like to tinker and get the car the way i want it and i'll know whats been done to it. A good clean turbo 2000 might be a bit harder to find than a v1 wrx as they are uk models so will have been in the salt and crap longer than a imported wrx, hope this helps a little in your search good luck :thumbsup: oh and the scoob in the pic is that one you have got already

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