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Afterburner sports cat and heat wrapping

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Bought a afterburner sports cat downpipe from scoobyworld and a genuine sti uppipe,i,ve removed old heatshield off uppipe and heat wrapped it looks better and thought it may be easier to fit without old heatshield..now i believe original turbo heatshield wont fit over new downpipe so i,ve ordered a perrin one,i was going to heat wrap downpipe but not sure whether to do just top bit under turbo to cat or the full length cat inc?i was going to do full length but my friend said cat has to be visible for mot but surely its obvious what the big bulge is in downpipe iff i wrap over it.😂


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Agreed - cat does not have to be visible  - I know some places are going looking for DPF's (didnt help that idiot reporter who clearly had no idea about the workings of an engine exposed a load of mot garages that were not checking it) but as far as cats are concerned it was purely related to emissions if it is within tolerance then there is no problem cat or no cat

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