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16G instead of VF22 on the same ECU

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Long story short, returning my short-lived VF22 and getting something newer and restorable. 
Now it's on an EJ20K classic, stock turbo being VF22 (V4 Type RA).

I know lots of local guys run different turbos, I heard about TD04, being run on the same ECU, and TD05s being run on STOCK GT (TD04 factory) ECUs.
From my knowledge and looking at the (new-age, but I suppose still same) fueling tables, as long as you're not going over the stock injectors (440cc in my case), the stock ECU map can support different turbos. The timing might not be perfect to reach max potential, but hey..

SO long story short, since. I have little alternatives (can't do a piggyback/standalone ECU) because of rules and can't chip the current ECU - will a TD05H-16G work proper-ish? Any experiences? From compressor map, they're pretty similar. 

I will wideband it for sure.  I guess I could put larger injectors if it gets lean, but that's about the whole adjustment I could do, but I guess then it'd be very rich on open-loop all the time. 


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If you are limited to an unmodded (daughterboard) stock ECU I would go for the compressor map comparison - it would appear the wideband sensor you plan to install and a boost gauge are going to be your only key to how the engine is performing - You may run into issues around engine protection cutting in as whilst you can vary the boost of the turbo you will have to keep it to whatever the original setup was to avoid the possibility of fuel being cut

A richly running engine with a bigger / more powerful turbo may still not be generating as much power as the original turbo with fuelling spot on.


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