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Engine Rebuild - correct running in procedure?


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Ask whoever is building your engine and go with that.


I;ve had two built and the recommendation was

1. 500 miles, wastegate pressure boost (disconnect it) on crappy mineral oil 

2. 500 miles on semi synthetic and no boost,

3. 1000 total total miles, fully synthetic, reconnect wastegate and map to suit

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32 minutes ago, Trikytrev777 said:

Thanks very much. Somebody mentioned to change the oil after the initial 50 miles. 

If poorly built could end up with metal floating around in the oil which you don't want going round the engine, but thats only if the person building it is a muppet or there is something seriously wrong mechanically.


Only exception to that would be motorsport engine which will prob only get 50-100 miles running in, but only last about 1000 miles.

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