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Japspeed parts

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Hi guys I've been looking into getting a 3" cat back for my 330s , and although I would like to just cat really justify spending a thousand pounds on a cat back , was looking at the magma flow exhaust but that reduces the end to 2.5 inch for the down pipe , I'm already running a 3" front half so that just wouldn't work so now I'm stuck between the cobra sport or the japspeed which is a lot Cheeper but I remember for my 350z days japspeed parts always had a bad rep and never fit properly as they're just cheep Chinese parts rebranded, but as it's just a quad tip exhaust it looks the same as the others , just wondering if anyone has used japspeed parts or had any experience with them ?

Thanks Alex

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i had a cobra sport quad tip on my other hatch,that was a 3" nonresenated system,was a nice system with a nice noise and not 2 loud and did not drone on motorways,i have a longlife full decat 3" on my hatch now with about same noise level as the cobra and only comes to life in the high rev range,but its only a single exit back box and am looking to go to a quad system so have also been looking at the japspeed system witch is ony 2.5" piping but the guys at cobra told me when i had mine cobra fitted but 3" piping will make no diffrence to 2.5" piping on a car unless your looking at power round 500bhp and i am the same i dont want to pay a grand for a cat back when the japspeed i can get for quarter price for a turbo back system.i no a guy with a japspeed on his brz and looks really nice and good quality sound is good as well,so i am going to order mine next month and hopefully will sell my turbo back longlife system so sould cover some the cost for new system,my second option that i just thought of is i could call into cobra at sheffield and just have them fit me a quad back box to my system :huh: so forget that i am going give them a ring in morning and see how much just the back box would cost and if it would fit up to my pipe,if not then it will be the japspeed,also if you go on japspeeds eBay shop you can get their exhaust cheaper at minute then you can on their web site :biggrin:

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Ive just had (2 weeks ago)a 3" turbo back cobra exhaust and its awsome mate but ive just bought and fitted (today)a japspeed front mount intercooler kit and and it was a brilliant kit mate so im thumbs up for both

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