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XT and XTen Spec and EJ255-257


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Hi all


I am currently and owner of a WRX Wagon but will be selling to get my self a Fozzy. I wanted to see if anyone on here knew a little bit more about the spec changes betwene years. I understand post 2005 the compression was changed and generally the engine was made better. 

I am looking at a XTen and not sure if it has the same engine as the XT. One difference on the advert is it has no plastic engine cover which makes me wonder if it was a late registration and has the old engine. 


Also, in terms of spec is the XT or XTen higher on the list? Im not over fussed with an old sat nav system that will be out of date but I like the idea of a good sun roof. 

Is there anything I should be looking out for when looking at one?


Also.....last little question. I have kept my WRX totally factory standard but may treat myself to tweaking the Fozzy a bit. Are there are re maps available without needing to add a lot of new parts?

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I was hoping so. It's a big step to move away from the Impreza but I need a bit more space and something a bit more suited to bikes, kayaks and kids...but with lots of power! I hear they understeer a bit but I can live with that. I just dont want to get a slower engine through something as silly as not checking the specs. 

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Fair enough :wink:

Just found this on Parkers for the XT, dont know how it compares to your wagon, I believe it has a turbo so you will be able to do some minor tweaks and get a little more power - high flow panel filter, freer flowing exhaust possible fuel pump (if it is over 5 years good idea to replace it anyway) then a map

Engine Size   1998cc
Cylinders 4
Valves 16
Weight  1624kg
Power 237 bhp
Top Speed  137 mph
0-60 mph 7.3 secs

350 Nm, 258 ft-lb  

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Thanks, this is the 2.0 I will be going for the 2.5 which should be around 5.7 0-60 which is the same as my wagon. 


What i was after here is someone who knew the difference between the 2 specs and the key things to look out for to tell what engine model it was. 


Now I just want an STI ha ha

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Right the owner has got back and it has the EJ255 not the 257. Now i need a Fozzy geek to help me out here and let me know if the compression was changed for the 257 and so making it the faster engine?

Its a 2006 car but clearly running the older engine as I suspected. 

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Based on some of the discussions that have been had on the forum before you can get the same power from both engines however it is the delivery that is different the 2.5 lump will get you more drive lower down in the rev range

The STI has an improve basic spec all around to start with, brakes chassis, suspension as well as engine so you will not necessarily need to make any modifications..... however, they are addictive :biggrin:

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20 minutes ago, david1972 said:

As above...mr b always recommends the pre facelift over post facelift and he knows his stuff. Reckons they are put together better etc

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Yup this is true and he does know a thing or two about Fozzys (and other stuff)

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