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WRX wagon mods for comment please


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I am thinking about buying a 2005 WRX wagon with 106k miles and following mods and would appreciate comments please. I have never owned an Impreza. It runs well and appears to have been well cared for. Thanks.
255l/h Walbro fuel pump
De-resonated centre exhaust section
100 cell sports catalytic converter on the turbo downpipe (still easily passes MOT emissions tests, but less restrictive)
Hayward and Scott Ninja 2 end can
25mm lower Eibach springs
Kayaba Excel-G shock absorbers all round
Steel branded brake lines
EBC Redstuff brake pads
Exedy stage 1 uprated clutch
NGK Iridium spark plugs
Remapped by Andy Forrest to ~285ps and 300lb/ft torque.  You can select low or high boost settings. Low boost is ~8PSI, high boost is ~18PSI.
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5 hours ago, RpsChesterfield said:

Is 285 ps 285 bhp?


If so along with listed mods a decent pannel filter and a 3" turbo back with decat mapped you should see 320 to 340 bhp

Not with a WRX, that will be the most out of the standard turbo and injectors

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