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Will this fit over 4 pots

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I have a seized front two pot caliper and been quoted the earth for a new caliper and disks and pads, so I have found some second hand 4 pots for sale with disks and pads for a lot less but need some new alloys that will go over them.

I have found some speedline alloys but need to know if anyone recognises the style and can advise if they will work or not. They are 16" as I would prefer to avoid 17s at the moment.



Thanks in advance.


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I had some 17" speedlines chronos on my v3 uk and had to run 5mm spacers after I fitted my 4 pots .


But the rb classic runs 17" speedlines and 4 pots as standard . I'm unsure what model they are but they're not chronos or the 1's in your pic.


No much help I know but it goes to show that it's all in the et and design of the spokes that change fitment.


Some later classic sti's run 16"s over 4 pots as standard but yet again I'm unsure of the brand or et .

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Think I remember reading about that issue. The difference is Prodrive. The ones you used spacers for were Prodrive Speedline's and the others were standard speedline's. If I remember correctly that is.

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