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Diesel Euro 4 Engine Crankshaft Failures - Part Number

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I am considering replacing my Petrol SG Forester with a Diesel Impreza. But have been reading a lot about the early engines failing with a broken Crankshaft / Crankshaft Bearing.

Does anyone know what VIN number or Engine Serial number was the last of the worst (Euro4) engines, that way I can try and ask around and avoid any lemons. - believe it was end of 2009 they changed the design but would rather go on serial numbers to be sure.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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4 hours ago, johned said:

I believe the injectors also was a cause of diesel engine failures.

Forgive my lack of technical knowledge on this. Injectors Failing causing crankshaft to break? Would this be due to the injectors firing at the wrong time or too much fuel/ too little fuel?
Would a replacement set from a Newer engine/upgraded set, be the fix or is it more complex than this? (surely it must be more complex?)


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