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Piston Heads chip run


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I think a few off My local forum go to this but can't say I've seen anyone post up anything for this year as yet .


Unfortunately it's quite quiet on "scooby city" now days (hence why I'm on here more) but they do still have monthly meets in Norwich and ipswich .


They also have stands at a few local shows, like next weekend at duxford for their spring car show and a charity event in Bury St Edmunds on father's day (which I'm going to )


So if your after local scooby meets and shows give em a look and introduce yourself in the newbie section tez . As there's not a local meet set up on this forum (in this region ,yet) as there's only 5 or so regular posters in our area ,so we only tend to make the effort to meet up at japshow @ santa pod.



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Thanks for the reply.

I did have a look on scooby city and noticed there wasn't much going on.

Tys and I aren't really into car shows, more just the meets to chat to people, although the bury one might be ok.

We used to go to monthly meets with other cars we've owned but since our daughter started school haven't been able to go unfortunately, because they are all weekday evenings and decided it wasn't fair one of us going as we both really enjoy it.

I noticed the monthly meets on scooby city which would be great but again they are on weekdays so would be really difficult for us to go.

I'll have another look on there and keep an eye on what's happening around here, thanks :smile:


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No problem, as you have probably seen , I normally post any meets /shows on s.c on here anyways.


Duxford is a good family day out and I normally take my mrs and 2 daughters but I've been told to finish the patio in the back garden before I can do anything else scooby [emoji57]


Bury is also a good family day out and it's free to get in [emoji41]


But if your cars on a stand you can't leave until the public are leaving as they're only insured as a static show .

So my wife ,daughters and inlaws pop down in another car and park in the public car park , so they can leave if they've had enough or our typical English weather turns on us lol




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I will definitely keep an eye out for any meets.

We are hoping to rope one of our sisters into baby sitting occasionally but haven't quite convinced them yet, so might be able to make it to one of the Ipswich or Norwich meets in the (hopefully near) future.

 That'll be a very quick patio then, lol! 

We would probably just come as public to see what it's like rather than on the stand anyway. 

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