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Brake Pipe Flare Type :: SAE or DIN?


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hi guys

Searched the site but didn't find a definitive answer, so hoping one of you knowledgeable members can confirm:-

What type of brake pipe flare do Subaru's use?

Looking for a brake pipe flaring tool such as :-

Draper BPF/HAND/SAE Expert 3/16'' SAE or Draper Expert 4.75mm Din ...but not at these prices!...

Thanks in advance

Edit:: Whats the brake pipe material used? Copper or Copper/Nickel or steel?

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copper nickel (cupro nickel) is all we will use . just copper not safe in my opinion (illegal in many countries, oem is coated steel)
3/16 (4.75) is the size
* Do not buy the cheap flaring tools as will make poor flares and you will rip your hair out with leaks or have weak flare joints that could fail
Decent diy flare tool is £32 but makes nice flares every time and can be used in tight spots on car so ideal all rounder .
Buy correct fittings or reuse old if clean enough, wrong nose and thread length fittings can lead to failures which you don't want with brakes.Couple eBay links give you visual reference ...


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Many thanks for the replies. Very helpful as usual.

@MrB: thanks for the links - any preference on fittings - re quality? A supplier or link would be great


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Am correct in thinking that the visual reference link above to the brake pipe flaring tool

6 hours ago, Mr B said:

...is not the correct one?

The tools are stamped as 3/16" SAE or 4.75 DIN

3/16" = 4.7625 mm = SAE ??

4.75 mm = DIN ??


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It works fine, don't think too much lol. for 0.01mm it makes no difference, everyone uses 3/16SAE for repair work on jap cars including myself, just buy good cupro nickel line a decent flare tool, cheaping out on those or going easy beginner route of soft copper will waste hours or get you or someone killed possibly !

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Matching flares formed well and fittings are what makes the job hassle free. those flare tools make perfect flares dead easy, just do some practice flares and bending to get feel for it then go for it, is very easy and with some thought and care can make real neat lines without much hassle . remember put your fittings on and right way round before flaring lol .

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