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Rear Caliper Help

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Hi All,

I bought a 98 Impreza turbo 2000 recently and have been looking to put some new discs/pads on the rears. After further investigation on fitting these myself, the calipers were seized on (along with rounded bolts) and not working at all so I've been trying to buy some to replace.

I've already bought some vented discs + pads (along with some handbrake shoes as that's not working either) but getting my hands on calipers + holders seems harder..

I'm told by my local garage i need the caliper holding brackets as well which is fine, but I just cant find them to buy..

Import Car parts have been good for me before but they're struggling to find the caliper holders in their many pallets. It's been a couple weeks of them looking and after a quick phone call still going to be another couple weeks of looking.


Anyone know where I can buy some caliper holders from? Was looking to buy the calipers + holders together in one as to make sure it fits. Would consider some good condition, working 2nd calipers/holders as well..


Thanks in advance!

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