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Auto transmission


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I have a gearbox with code TZ102Z3DAA-KG. Does anyone know which vehicle it's from. I found it on my 99 legacy, but it was the wrong box. I know have the correct box on, but I am looking for some basic information for selling it.


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gen is short for generation

2 is the second of said generation

Liberty is the model name of the Subaru (A Legacy sold in Australia)

Legacy is the model name of the Subaru (A Liberty sold everywhere else)

98 is short for the year 1998

99 is short for the year 1999

? is because I am not sure what years the second generation of liberty or legacy models were produced from

BG9 is the model code meaning a wagon (hatchback) not a saloon (boot or trunk)

non - turbo means it is normally aspirated (NA) - it does not have a turbo or associated items (intercooler etc)

4EAT or sometimes E-4AT is the Subaru designation for a type of 4 speed automatic gearbox

some additional reading for your delectation


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