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2005 Legacy shuddering 18-25 mph. Help!

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Hi all,


My 2005 3.0rn estate shudders between 18-23mph. It doesn't do this before 18mph and it fades very quickly after 22/23mph. I have had new tyres, balanced wheels, new tie rods (inner and outer on both sides) and had the wheels rebalanced. I have had two mechanics check for play in the UJs, bearings, drive shafts, prop shaft, diff, carrier bearing, engine mounts etc and they can't find a thing except a slightly leaking steering rack and the car pulls slightly to the left. The mechanics are out of ideas and so am I.

There's too much feedback from the road, through the steering wheel and the pedals. It just doesn't feel right.

Please, does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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The car has done 154k. It has a full Subaru history. The gearbox oil has been changed every 30k. I checked it, it's clean as a whistle. That's not to say that the torque converter isn't knackered but it has been looked after. I'll give it a spin in manual and see how I get on.

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