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Has Anyone Else Radiator Support Rotted Like This?


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I've been working on the car today. I knew I was going to have to get the radiator out to patch up the rot in the part of the body the aircon radiator sits on. It was worse than I thought though. Not much of it left! Is this normal behavior for a 2003 89K mile Scuby or does it mean my radiator has been leaking for ages?

I see this bit has a part number but it's welded in and I can only find American web sites listing it. For now I will repair it with aluminium mesh and GRP. I'm going to get a new rad as well. Only £75 from EuroCarParts at the moment.






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Christ that is bad! Once a suby gets past 10years old it's advisable to lose the undertray as it speeds up rust areas on the subframe and front supports considerably unless it's all been rust protected very well. I recently gave all that area a coating of hammerite as mine was still all in one piece thankfully! My next to step is to have all the under of the car and arches cleaned up and given a treatment of dinitrol corrosion protection.

Import car parts have the weld in part but have no stock on the shelf so you would need to ring them for availability


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Repair done. It's not brilliant cosmetically but much better than it was. Should last a few years.

Clayed and waxed car while I was at it :cool:.






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