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New to the 'Roo!

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Recently purchase my first Subaru. She's an Impreza 08, it's the grandad model (1.5 R) but it's plenty for me. It wasn't really my intention to be here, up until 2 weeks ago I had a cracker fastback Mazda 3, but some woman decided she liked her Range Rover parked in the side of it better than anywhere else. This nugget came up for the right money, I was skeptical at first and was thinking about reflipping the car after doing some work to it but it's took me back 6 years since I passed my test and I am loving driving places all over again.

I signed up as I have a question about the transmission, could someone be so kind as to point me in the direction to go? Aside from that, I might delete the factory headunit in favour of an upgrade to get the likes of Bluetooth and MAYBE inbuilt sat nav, I don't know... I still have a bit of money from the insurance pay out but it needs 2 new tires on the back (has done less than 200 miles in the past 2 years!) and she's booked in a full valet with a mate. EDIT: And of course it's getting a full service! She was a little slow to begin with but even quickly cleaning the current air filter and a fresh tank of petrol it's fairly woken up!


Cheers! :biggrin:


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Wotcha and welcome - you may get used to the power (or lack of) quite quickly. but you have the 4wd system so handling will be an improvement over the mazda 3, the FWD and traction control used to fight all the time when we had one and it used to kangaroo around corners then wash out

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