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Any Ideas on Remap Power Gain?

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Hey there,

So I'm new to Subarus and as a youngen like me, I've just managed to afford a 07 hatchback Impreza R 2.0T with about 147BHP and I would like to start modding it. I am interested in an ECU remap however I can't find any information on remapping a none WRX/STI Impreza and wondered if anyone knows what sort of power gain I would get from it. If it is not worth it then would there be better modifications suited to increase power with minimal price for my car?

P.S forgive me if anything I say is incredibly dumb, I'm learning,

Thanks in advance,


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Hello & welcome, It's not really worth it the n/a lump produces about as much power as it can, you'd be better off upgrading the brakes along handling and weight saving measures will see you be able to go 'faster'



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Thanks for the replies!

I won't bother remapping then, however this may be a longshot but if I managed to get a good turbocharger or supercharger for a low cost (i.e nowhere near the cost for a wrx/sti) do you think it would be worth it?

thanks again!

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No for the turbo, as you'll have to change everything, headers different, you'd need an up pipe/downpipe/exhaust system

Boost control, cooling/intercooler engine loom different ecu compression is different too so the engine would have to come apart, for a start.


Supercharging may be slightly cheaper but I reckon your still looking at alot of money


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