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Knocking on engine


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I have just bought a 2005 Subaru Outback 2.5 LPG with Auto transmission, have never had one before. Just wanted to run something by everybody. I have noticed a knocking when I first start the engine, it also continues when on tick over. Does anyone know what this could possibly be. Apart from this the car runs really sweet, gearbox is as smooth as silk. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Thanks for your replies. Tidgy it sounds like from the engine itself and it is there all the time. Sandals the knock is there even when the engine is up to temperature.

When I first start it there is a slight knock and then after a few seconds that goes away which i am LED to believe is normal and then when the engine warms up you get this other noise which I can only describe as a solid knock. Because it is a solid noise it sounds to me like the bottom of the engine but never had a Subaru before so I'm not sure. Only had this car since 3rd August and thinking of getting the AA to check it out.

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